Zygote (AMEBIX) - A Wind of Knives CS

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Finally available on tape for the first time ever! SWR is proud to introduce this 1991 CLASSIC of Motorhead and Killing Joke-inspired dark crust/post-punk, featuring members of AMEBIX.

After releasing "Monolith" in in 1987, AMEBIX broke up, and the members (minus The Baron) went on to form ZYGOTE. "A Wind of Knives" is a continuation of the "Monolith" sound, but with a heavier emphasis on mood.

Limited to just 150 copies on a gorgeous metallic silver tape shell. We expect this to be shipping in January 2021!

Check it out:

FFO: Amebix, Motorhead, Killing Joke, Venom, and crust/metal