Life After Death

Vomit Spell LP

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"Unleashing a spirited interpretation of the older, darker variant of grindcore found in acts such as Blood, early Carcass, Terrorizer, and Repulsion, Vomit Spell propel their debut album with thrashcore riffs at the frantic speeds of early grindcore with interpolations of melodies clearly inspired by both the death metal and black metal approaches to melody.

Vomit Spell operate in a manner similar to Blood, in that two or so riffs of rushing violence give way to a grand statement of melody, revealing a vision of oncoming doom in times of uncertainty. This places them in a category of thematically-focused grindcore that rises above the linear screams of protest of which most of the genre is comprised. A sparing use of dissonance may reveal an influece from the weirder grind artists, such as Carbonized.

The band keep most elements used relevant to the topic of the song, and the music is direct and to the point. Riffs state their pupose before being channeled into the closing statement of the piece. Expect a furious ride through a dystopian hellscape, with even more terrifying revelations in what is implied rather than denotationally stated."