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Poisöned Speed CD

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In the year 2020, in dying heat at the end of the summer, two German men - Tobster and Fredneck - decided to put the pedal to the metal and make a wild and dangerous expression of their love of heavy music. Combining their passion for Motörhead, Midnight, and fried chicken they formed POISONED SPEED and dubbed their style "low life high speed rock n roll". In the months that followed they recorded three demos that showcased their sleazy prowess and commitment to sonic debauchery!

QUICK AND DIRTY is the culmination of the band's efforts, combining their 6 previously released demo tracks (freshly mastered for this release) with 2 new ones to create one complete package of off the rails, high energy, heavy music! CDs are being released by Morbid And Miserable Records, tapes by Unchained Tapes, and digital by Barhill Records. This one is going to hit you hard and fast, whether you're ready or not!

Recommended for fans of:
Motörhead, Venom, Speedwolf