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Straight from the sewers of K-Hell / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Obscurial is a name derived from the word "Obscurus," a magical parasite from the Fantastic Beasts book. The band's influences range from Florida death metal to the New York death / thrash movement, with a mix of Swedish death.

Their first demo will be released on tape by Frozen Screams Imprint USA, taking a concept album approach where all 4 songs are related. It is a story of a boy trapped in a place named Dreamland, forced to accept the Obscurial curse in order to survive.

Dee (Vocals)
Adam (Drums)
Naim (Guitar)
Arap (Bass)
Afiq (Guitar)

Produced by Obscurial & DNRX (FSI)
Recorded at Thrve Studio, Gombak
Engineered, Mixed, & Mastered by Afnan Azlan
All songs written by Obscurial
Lyrics written by Dee & Weng
Additional Backing Vocals by Afnan Azlan
Artwork & Layout by Faizal Hashim
Photography by Titiwiyah