LUCIFUGUM - "Vector33" CD

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Definition: Elitist Satanic Black Metal

Country: Ukraine


Year: 03.11.12 l.t. (recorded in 2005 l.t.) re-mastered version

Format: CD, lim. to 999

Total time: 44:24


This was the beginning of a new Era of Adversaries of light. Those who don't cast a shadow. Those who strangled the first ray of virginal light. Those whose two endless poisonous streams entwined in one bloody knot... 7 years later LUCIFUGUM "Vector33" cd is available again as re-mastered version with new design. Over 40 min. of Furious Satanic Black Metal Obscurantism for those who are able to breathe Darkness.


Track list:

1. Силой слепого сечения /07:40/

2. Брезги плебсожизни /08:00/

3. Кистью червистрайсти /07:30/

4. Молитвонь /07:39/

5. Проклятье Черного Начала /06:59/

6. Black Metal Must Be...!!! /06:34/