LUCIFUGUM - "Agonia Agnosti" CD

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The first ukrainian Black Metal formation. Still Black Metal. Still proud to be Satanists. Still keep passion of young Demon along with wisdom of Ancient Snake.

They are extremely arrogant, they are not followers but Burning Spear. They are proud to be alone on their Path.

In full isolation, with true "fuck you all" attitude: no live performances, no official site, no social networks, no interviews, no promo gifts. Hated for this among the faceless crowd and respected for this among the Individuals.

Their Creations are their only children. This Satanic family doesn't aspire to change this world because they live in another one.


Touch the five rays, enter the Pentagram and put on the Crown of Obscurantism.

Definitely, the strongest Poison on LUCIFUGUM's Damned Path.


"Signature and most obscurantist Poison, created with passion and dedication. Extremely emotional result of hard efforts, without any chemical and spiritual stimulants. We gave everything. We're empty but proud and sublime. Definitely, this frenetic Creation will remain a deep trace in the souls that aspire to comprehend the real Black Art."

Khlyst & Stabaath


Definition: Satanic Black Metal Authentism

Country: Ukraine


Year: 29.09.16 l.t.

Format: CD, lim. to 999

Total time: 33:51


Track list:

1. отрицание (считать начинают с малого) /06:42/

2. имя прежде тебя /06:44/

3. быть излому сущего /06:44/

4. тень ничего /07:08/

5. естество противостояния /06:30/