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Hellexist - "Taste of Agony" Cassette

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HELLEXIST hail from Malaysia and play fast, ripping stenchcore/crust, with deep, growled vocals from the depths of Hell itself. Fast, crushing, foul, and disgusting death crust, finally available for the first time in North America! Pressed to gorgeous white cassette with metallic gold print and a huge, deluxe J-Card full of the old Bolt Thrower-inspired barbarian art you expect from a band like this.


If you enjoy your crust punk saturated in horrific death metal, this is exactly what you need in your collection! "Taste of Agony" is one of the best albums of the genre and we are proud to present it to you, limited to just 100 copies for North America.


Check it out:


FFO: Filth of Mankind, Napalm Death, Stormcrow, Bolt Thrower, Coffins, Sanctum, Cannibal Corpse, Extreme Noise Terror