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Heavydeath - "Den Tunga Döden" Double CD Digipack

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Epic compilation here from one of the heaviest bands going around right now. Heavydeath became know in underground circles for the prodigious amount of demo material they would hit out with; taking ideas and crafting them into a unified, coherent heavy metal of death.

This huge double CD comp gathers a huge amount of this stuff and gives the best introduction to this great band anyone could get, showing the full range of what they can do: creeping, almost ambient intros, full-on early death metal inflected grotesque reveries, or even fist-banging viking metal-style ragers. The band have their own really unique sound, though. At base I guess it reminds me loads of Apocalyptic Raids-era Hellhammer, but it's more muscular and has a superb driving quality about it that I absolutely love.

Comes in a great chunky double CD digipak with a booklet incorporated.