Decrepisy - "Emetic Communion" LP

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Coreleased with Seed of Doom. Tapes coming soon. CD by Chaos Records. 

Records are ready and will start shipping as soon as the posters arrive (1 to 2 weeks). 

"Formed in early 2020, Decrepisy developed their sound and methodically wrought their morbid material in the shadows amidst the global deathsurge. The result, monstrous yet agile, despondent but still extremely hostile, Emetic Communion moves and destroys at equal turns like some mad assemblage of long-gone Finnish, English and American forms. With Koryn at the throne, Emetic Communion was likely also recorded by Decrepisy’s multi-talented drummer at his The Underworld Studio. Emetic Communion hits utterly seismic. Thankfully, Decrepisy’s penchant for the past precludes an obligation to sound dated. Like the best death metal, Emetic Communion sounds bereft of time and corrupted with crawling solos like maggots feasting on the decomposition."

- Dutch Pearce