Adorned in Wrath by AENIGMATUM

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RELEASE DATE: 9/4/2020

Burning Coffin Recs is proud to announce "Adorned In Wrath" a two track demo by AENIGMATUM.

Aggressive and technical blackened death metal!

x50 turquoise cassettes shell
x50 black cassette shell

Kelly McLaughlin - Guitar/Vocals
Eli Lundgren - Guitar
Brian Rush - Bass/Backing Vocal
Pierce Williams - Drums/Backing Vocal

Drum recording engineered by Charlie Koryn at The Underworld Studio
Vocal recording engineered by Greg Larrenaga at The Riff House
Strings recorded at both above locations and others.
Mixed by Brian at Pale Magus Productions
Mastered by Julian at On-Air Mastering

Artwork by Mark Cooper
Logo by Logan Williams & Connie Wang

EU cassette edition by SEED OF DOOM
US cassette edition by HEADSPLIT RECS